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News of recycling additives from Europe

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VELOX extends its additives portfolio in response to high plastics recycling demand in Europe


Hamburg, 1 February 2018.
VELOX GmbH, one of Europe’s leading solution providers of raw material specialities for the plastics and additives industries, is strengthening its Europe-wide activities in the field additives for plastics recycling. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio for a large number of applications and has recently added new solutions, among others for re-PC (recycled polycarbonate), re-PET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) and rePA (recycled polyamide).

With China’s ban of plastic waste imports by 1st of January 2018, the need for effective and more sustainable recycling is growing in Europe. “The current agreement of European Union countries to set a recycle target for plastic packaging waste of more than 50 per cent by 2030 will even further propel the growing demand for recycling additives in Europe”, says Rolf Gasser, Product Manager Additives at VELOX.
VELOX has developed a full-range additives portfolio for nearly all types of plastics recycling for many years.  “Besides the Struktol® range, we have currently added FINE-BLEND® additives with its compatibilisers/homogenisers and coupling agents for engineering plastics”, highlights Gasser.  Especially FINE-BLEND SAG-008, a chain extender based on styrene-acrylonitrileglycidyl-methacrylate-terpolymer for re-PC, re-PET and re-PA completes VELOX’ solution portfolio for most reusable plastics.

CAPTION 1: The effect of FINE-BLEND SAG-008 on melt index of re-PET (260° C× 2.16 kg)

Photo: © Fine-Blend

Over the last 25 years, VELOX has built up profound know-how and in-house expertise of specific materials, applications, industries and market developments to meet the demands for speciality additives on the market. The company provides solutions to customers all over Europe and beyond.




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